• Design and application of an MVC architecture for two casual mobile games.

  • ‌Programming with C# of all the client features.

  • ‌Aid at the programming of the server.

  • ‌Use of a version control system with Git such as Sourcetree.

  • ‌Management and preparation of services "LiveOps" such as Playfab, Appsflyer, and Firebase.

  • ‌Montage, adequation, and optimization of the project at Unity3D.

  • ‌Management and organization of tasks, as well as constant use of Agile methodology with Jira.

  • ‌Exposition and monthly presentation of the project advance to the whole company.

Scarecrow Studio

  • Programming with C# of an entire 3D chapter for the graphic adventure 3 Minutes to Midnight at Unity3D.

  • Design and application of all the features of the chapter, such as basic AI, FSMs, full Character Controller or Multiplatform support (PC and Nintendo Switch).

  • Montage of scenarios 3D and 2D.

  • Realization of varied tasks related to the design of the game such as flow diagrams, spreadsheets and internal tools to integrate it at Unity3D.

  • Documentation of part of the code of the project with Doxygen.

  • Use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the export of this documentation at the cloud.

  • Several management tasks.

Sitcons Studio

JUNE '15 - JULY '16
  • Aid at Unity focussed programming with C#.

  • ‌3D Modeling with Blender.

  • ‌Composition of a videogame soundtrack.

  • Learning how a videogame company workflow works.

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